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Psychotherapy practice working with adults, families and couples in a supportive environment, offering real problem solving strategies using art therapy, traditional talk therapy and some elements of coaching to address the trauma in your life.
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Experienced psychotherapist in Washington DC providing counseling services for adults experiencing issues including depression, anxiety, adult ADHD, workplace difficulties, relationship problems, dysfunctional family issues, difficult life transitions.
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Life Wellness Counseling, LLC is a private practice created by Nancy K. Greenlee, LCPC for the purpose of counseling those who look for support, education and recovery from the emotional pain of codependence, love addiction and situational depression.
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Private psychological practice for individual therapy to deal with and heal from anxiety, depression, PTSD, complicated grief and other wounding experiences that cause suffering in personal, relational or professional spheres.
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An ongoing series about the six different loves, what they are and how they work. The series discusses such issues as how spirituality can deepen our experience of the six loves, how is each love unique and how can we avoid common problems in love.
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This website offers opportunities for personal growth. As a teacher and author of self help books, I'm committed to helping people increase their happiness, expand their creativity and deepen their wisdom.
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Top Rated - Tarot/Clairvoyant Counselor Specializing in Romance and Relationships gives affordable phone, SKYPE and email readings. Confidential, fun and accurate advice from a Psychic who speaks like a bff. 20 years experience.
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Create harmony and learn to reduce life’s every day stressors. Educate yourself on stress, how it affects your life and many techniques and tips that will change your life forever. Create a stress free life that you’ll love to wake up to. Find happiness.
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When these energy meridians are unbalanced, they can cause emotional and physical issues. A trained therapist guides you in using Emotional Freedom Technique to help resolve these issues. EFT works quickly.
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